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We are upgrading five of our computers in the Cyber Centre with Portus Digital 'All In One' PCs - they will be running Windows 10, but we plan to upgrade to Windows 11 in the very near future.  Click on the 'ARTICLES' tab above to learn more of their specifications.  

Also, a huge 'vote of thanks' to Neston Town Council for the £2,500 grant we received from them enabling us to purchase the new PCs  (Allen Roochove, NCC Techno Buddy 10.03.23)


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Neston Cyber Centre

Neston 'Community' Cyber Centre has been operating in Neston Methodist Church and Community Centre since 2001. Started with government funding, the centre has been supported over the years by Neston Town Council, West Cheshire College, Project Rural Matters, Local Housing Associations, The Fair Shares Trust and currently Cheshire West and Chester Council.

The centre is staffed by volunteer Cyber Buddies, who help computer members with a range of tasks and problems. For example, we can help you with 'IT' problems or give advice about using Desktop PCs and Laptops, Android tablets and smartphones, iPhones, and iPads etc

We have 9 networked PCs all with solid state drives and FAST Broadband/Wi-Fi, currently running Microsoft Windows 10. The networked PCs run a range of software, including:

• Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher)

• Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Chrome)

• Corel Paint Shop Pro

• Adobe Photoshop

• Family Tree Maker

We also have a dedicated Linux PC

We also have two 'state of the art' printers - an HP PageWide Pro (bought with help from Neston Town Council) and a LEXMARK high quality A3/4 colour laser printer (funded through a generous donation from one of our members). We also have three Epson scanners, with which documents/ photos can be scanned for sending by email.

The Cyber Centre also provides free wireless internet to registered members, so that members with their own laptop or tablet can come in to seek help with using them, or just to connect to the internet.

Cyber Buddies, each with their own various skills, are on hand at every session, and can help you with a whole range of tasks like -

  • Job applications and CVs
  • Booking flights and holidays (you book at your 'own risk')
  • Setting up email accounts
  • Government or local council websites (for example renewing your driving licence online), researching your family history using a variety of websites including and
  • Downloading and editing your digital photographs
  • Advice on problems with your own Laptops or PCs (Windows or Apple)
  • Using Tablet computers (Apple or Android) - if you have a new Tablet and would like to know more about what it can do, make an appointment with one of our Buddies who deal with Tablets .

Becoming a Member of Neston Cyber Centre - Registration is completely free to residents of Neston, Little Neston, Ness, Parkgate, Willaston, Burton and Puddington (all we ask is for members to make a small voluntary donation towards our costs if they find the service useful). There is a simple form to complete recording name, address, date of birth and ethnicity and this information is shared with Cheshire West Adult Learning Services who give us a grant for helping anyone who wants to start using technology and the internet.

Cyber Centre members must be over the age of 18.  Anyone under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult member.  Members from outside the CH64 area are also welcome, and we do ask them to make a voluntary donation towards our running costs.

To contact us just call in at the Neston Community Cyber Centre, situated in the Neston Methodist Church and Community Centre, 5 Park Street, Neston CH64 3RB (opposite the Brewers Arms), or phone us on 0151 336 7784 during session times only - you could also email us at